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If you are a seasoned, previously published author, you’re probably familiar with the complex and tiresome process of bringing a children’s book to the publishing stage. If instead you are a first time author, you are in for a challenge! Either way, we're here to help. Read ABOUT US and you will understand how we plan to respond to your needs. You will NEVER deal with pushy sales representatives that know little about the pre-press process; we didn't hire any!

Children’s books require an entirely different treatment than regular books. There are standards for sizes and categories, several readers age groups, specialized services — like book layout and illustrations, etc... Unlike most websites for writers out there, AbbraCaddabra caters EXCLUSIVELY to Children's Books Authors. We provide all encompassing pre-press services, along with information, advise and hands-on help with your post-production publishing needs. We will not only save you money, but most importantly we’ll save you time and aggravation! With the MAGIC of knowledge and expertise...


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